My Ural Got a Boo Boo and That Makes Me Sad

My Ural Got a Boo Boo and That Makes Me Sad

my sidecar dentThere are few things as soul crushing as hearing something fall over in the garage followed by the cavernous echo of whatever that thing was bouncing off of your sidecar.

Then when you walk into the garage to find a dent and the once perfect orange paint torn down to the metal? Ugh. It takes every ounce of will you can muster not to flip the fuck out.

This type of moment is precisely when I need to work on my attachment to “things.” It’s just a motorcycle with a scratch. But initially upon seeing the dig, it was like my whole body recoiled in horror and electricity ran across the top of my skin.

Note to self: Just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. You know this.

My sweetie bought me a big pink bandaid magnet until I can have the issue addressed. It makes it much easier to pretend the scar doesn’t exist.

boo boo on my ural

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  1. The hard part in new motorcycle ownership is the first ding or dent….once you get that over with, it’s easier to accept later dings and dents or holes one puts in on purpose to mount stuff.

    On my 2011 Ural, same paint job as yours, it was a fellow Uralista running his sidecar’s nose into the rear quarter of my tub….

  2. Find some kind of sealant. Paint. Nail polish. Other things I can’t remember at 8 AM. Etc. I has a chip on my Suzuki. Waited a couple months because lazy happens and busy happens thrice as frequently. Fricken rust spot now. Doh.
    Sorry about the luck. On the plus side I’m gonna change the way I park….maybe you saved me and some others? Hug.

  3. Brilliant! That’s exactly how I dealt with a few dings I put on my F800GS from going down on rough trails–bragged them up with vinyl band-aids (I’m sure I’ll need more in the future). I’m now proud of those spots: They are proof that I ride, that I live, are trophies of experience, and are great conversation starters. Hmmm, it appears, dear Fuzzy, that great minds DO think alike. 😉

  4. Doh! Got to hate it when that happens. I noticed my Sena had put some paint chips on my tank from resting my helmet on it when stopped. Even though they’re little it still hurts.

    It is the perfect patch for the boo-boo though. ‘Bling your ding’, pure genius.

    1. Vendors on also sell vinyl band-aids, various colors AND various sizes (you know, for the really BIG boo-boos).

  5. Fuzzy:

    Imagine my surprise when last year I discovered that my bike was pushed over and dragged along the ground on the asphalt. It was upright with my bike cover on but I noticed the cover was shredded on one side with the turn signal bits on the ground and the crash bar was bent. Even though I found the person responsible, I was never reimbursed for the repairs.

    I like that ban-aid but did it have to be that large ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. I always imagined myself crying by the side of the road the first time I dropped my bike but when it finally happened I just laid there on the ground laughing. I had ridden 300 miles and was too tired to be upset.

    I got a scratch on my elbow and my bike got a tiny scratch on the clutch handle. Not bad for my first “dump”.

    1. I have grown accustomed to picking my dirtbike up – that doesn’t phase me at all. But street bike? Yea, not so much 😀

      Glad things weren’t as terrible as you’d imagined and that you and your baby were fine 🙂

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