Photo: My Dog Lilo in the Sidecar

Photo: My Dog Lilo in the Sidecar

fuzzygalore lilo in the ural sidecar
It turns out that Lilo is nervous about riding in the sidecar. I’m pretty sure it’s the noise. Hell, Lilo Puppy Dynamite is scared and runs out of the kitchen when I rip tinfoil off the roll. It stands to reason that something that sounds like a bag of wrenches in the washing machine might set her off.

We did a couple of super-slow rides around the neighborhood. She’s clearly scared. I’m not sure if I should continue to try to get her used to the racket or if I should just let her be. I was hoping it would be fun for both of us, but I’m not so sure.

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  1. This might sound weird, but try using earmuffs. Not people earmuffs. I’ve seen dogs wear these scarf things, I think they are designed to keep their ears out of their food. She might look like a 50s diva.

  2. Maybe remove the seat for more solid footing, have the front of the harness tied to the floor to insure that Lilo won’t jump out. Maybe even put the tonneau cover across the door opening and keep riding around the neighborhood.

  3. Junior reacts the same way. He’s sat in a URAL and in a Piaggio sidecar rig — all happy and excited until the engine fires. Then he’s off.

    Someone told me dogs are smart and the probably accounts for their choice….

    Your puppa looks like a fine fellow.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  4. I dunno…. If you can clearly see Lilo’s not enjoying the side car I’m not so sure I’d push it. Won’t be fun for either of you. Maybe you can start her off with your bicycle instead. I have a Doggy Ride bicycle trailer that I use with my dogs and they do well in it. It’s definitely less noisy.
    Otherwise just enjoy doing whatever Lilo Puppy Dynamite prefers 🙂

  5. One of our rescue cats (found in a carrier bag tied to a tree in France), appears traumatized by the sound of a motorcycle running in the yard. I can only put this down to his early life on the road side.

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