Dear Winter – You Were Cute for a Minute There But You Can Go Now

Dear Winter – You Were Cute for a Minute There But You Can Go Now

For the most part I don’t complain about the winter. The truth is, I don’t really mind it so much. But like anyone else I have my moments when I get fed up.

While suiting up to head out on the Ural on Saturday morning, I hit my emotional wall. I stood in the hallway tugging at the cuffs on my Gerbing liner. I had to pull them down from where they’d creeped up into my sleeve along with the leads for my heated gloves. Then thanks to my impatience I was fishing out the plug for my heattroller since I forgot to pull it out from under the waistband of the liner. My REVIT jacket felt winter snug as I zipped it up. ::sigh::

These were simple actions that I’ve done a million times. For whatever reason – they just pushed my buttons. I felt like tearing off all of my riding gear and running screaming out the front door. In that moment – I’d had it.

“I’m sick of plugging in!”

I marched my (grouchy) puffy self out the door and spent the next few hours playing photo tag on the Ural.

The Ural makes the winter better

By the time I got home I’d long since forgotten about how much I hated putting on my snug stay warm gear.

Even though I had to plug in, had to come home and wash all the road grunge and salt dust off the bike – it was worth the effort. I had a good time riding.

Riding a motorcycle fixes everything.

7 Replies to “Dear Winter – You Were Cute for a Minute There But You Can Go Now”

  1. There is nothing that cheers the soul so much as two-wheeled therapy. I am glad you had a great ride even though it started out meh.

    I get to where I dread suiting up with all the layers in the winter, feel like I can’t move proper on the bike.

  2. Want to enjoy winter? Get a snowboard, then throw it and your gear in your hack and go to the mountain. That’s what I do. Whereas riding a motorcycle is akin to flying without wings, my board allows me to surf without (wet)water. Bob B

    1. Hey Bob 🙂

      Our family actually used to snowboard. Getting on and off Long Island to get to a mountain is a PITA when juggling work/kid/dog schedules and then weekend traffic… Ugh. We seemed to lose interest in going. One day when we finally move from this sandbar – things will normalize again, I’m sure.

      You must have gotten some great boarding in so far this winter.

  3. Totally agree with you. I couldn’t find my heated gloves and have been in “crisis” mode since I realized they weren’t where I ususally put them. Come to find out, they were in the bike trailer, in a bag…Well, I guess I haven’t needed them for quite sometime. I am so tired of winter and it has made me just not even want to get on the bike. Too much clothing. Feel like I am going skiing!!! 🙂

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