An Unexpected Side Effect of Riding a Ural

An Unexpected Side Effect of Riding a Ural

While I was out poking around on the Ural Sunday morning, I realized that when people would see me coming down the road – they’d often smile. I picked up on it many times. People in cars, walking on the street, bicycle riders – smiling at me. Or, more accurately, smiling at the orange Ural.

show love graffiti and the Ural Patrol

I can’t say I’ve had many people just smile at me while I’m riding the Tiger down the road or while I was waiting to pull out of a side street.  There is just something about that bright orange contraption that really seems to resonate with people.

I can’t lie – it is pretty awesome to have strangers be happy when they look your way. Every smile made me feel like a million bucks.

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  1. They will be smiling at you first… but the orange is definitely something to put one in a good mood, especially now that colours are fading into grey and soon enough white.

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