Learning the Ways of the Ural

Learning the Ways of the Ural

Thanks to beautiful autumn weather, I got a chance to put a couple hundred miles on the Ural this weekend.

A few weeks ago when Kenny and I visited Sine’s 5 and Dime, I bought a Gumby and a Pokey. Pokey has made himself at home during rides on the great pumpkin. He seems to have an affinity for the big orange rig. Must have something to do with the color. That and they’re both a little pokey.

Pokey on the Ural

So far my riding has been on slower backroads and leafy lanes on Long Island’s north shore. I’ve stuck with roads whose speed limits ranged from say, 25 – 40mph. They offered the least amount of traffic, the prettiest views and the most turns.

At this point in my learning to pilot this thing progress I’ve found that on the curvier roads, the posted speed limit is pretty much my personal comfort zone.

Lazy lanes on the Ural

Every time I have left the house over the last few days, I have learned something new. Such as:

Pull up with the gas pump on my left. It makes fillups easier. That is something I’ve never had to think about on a motorcycle. I’m sure other sidecar-ist are saying duh, right about now.

Also regarding fillups – If I angle the pump with the handle towards the headlight, it doesn’t splash all over the tank. Lesson learned the hard way.

I also learned that sitting on the sidecar’s step is a wonderful place to  eat a sandwich and take in a sunset.

Sunset on Long Island

6 Replies to “Learning the Ways of the Ural”

  1. Nice sunset picture!

    Re comfort zone and speed limits, takes practice and time, sounds like you’re not rushing it so good on ya!

    Are you riding with ballast? It’ll help keep the sidecar down on the right turns till you learn how to modulate speed, use the sidecar/rear brakes and hanging a cheek to ensure the sidecar stays down.

    Assuming I’ve not become a nag….might I also recommend your joining your fellow Uralisti on sovietsteeds.com, it’s a fount of knowledge about our beasts and the camaraderie is there as well.


    Redleg’s Rides

    1. No, you’re not a nag at all. I appreciate everything you’re saying.

      I’ve been reading SovietSteeds for the last few weeks leading up to getting the Ural. I’ve been reading all kinds of stuff trying to prepare myself, really.

      I am not riding with a ballast.

  2. A learning process for sure. We were just talking about sidecars at coffee on Saturday as one of our rider friends has a sidecar unit.

    Sure is a pretty Ural you have. A good excuse for slowing down and smelling the roses. Well maybe not roses this time of year but you know what I mean.

    That last pic is beautiful.

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