Goodbye, My Russian Friend – Safe Travels

Goodbye, My Russian Friend – Safe Travels

When I bought the Ural, I had no idea what to really expect. It was something that I was curious about and approached it with a “why the hell not?” attitude.


In hindsight, it was the right decision for me. The only way that I know of to truly satisfy a curiosity is to go ahead and grab it by the tail.

But as time moved on, riding on 3 became less important to me. And so, the Ural spent a lot of time taking up space in the garage and going un-loved. That simply would not do. The big, orange girl has gone on to a new owner who has their own curiosity to satisfy.

Good luck and safe travels, funky Russian machine! You were fun.

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  1. Its hard to part with a bike, but eventually the time just comes and you know you when the time to say goodbye. A loved bike is one thats ridden and not sadly moping in the garage. Bon voyage big orange!

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