So Long, November – Let the Holiday Season Begin

So Long, November – Let the Holiday Season Begin

Today is the last day of November. And as such it is the last day of BEDN (blog every day in November) so I’ll stop bothering you 🙂

Tomorrow when December comes knocking I’ll be putting the Ural’s Christmas wreath back on the luggage rack. I just can’t bring myself to do it before then.

If I remember correctly, I bought the mylar wreath at Target. It’s pretty weather proof. I also got a set of battery powered lights for a couple o’ bucks and strung them through it, so it also lights up for extra festive-ness.

The ole knobby tire wreath will be coming out of the attic tomorrow, too.

It’s officially be the holiday season!

ural and its wreath

3 Replies to “So Long, November – Let the Holiday Season Begin”

  1. Fuzzy, what a great display of personal discipline and drive!…plus it was fun to see your daily posts for the entire month of November. Thank you and happy holidays!

    -Colleen from Santa Cruz

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