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2009 IBR: Destination Rally Headquarters

Catfish has left the building. This morning our man Catfish left the Isle of Long in the dark hours of the morning heading for Spartanburg, South Carolina. He carries with him a pocket full of his friends well wishes and excitement as he is about to embark on this crazy journey that is the 2009 Iron Butt Rally.


Iron Butt 2009 – Watching the Journey Unfold

Why in the world would anyone want to ride around the country nearly non-stop for 11 days on a motorcycle? Countless hours spent riding through blistering heat, rain, the dark of night and the tedium of solitary confinement inside of your own helmet. It sounds, great doesn


2007 Crotona Midnight Run: Epilogue

So, this Saturday we came home to a box waiting for us at the door.Inside it was… My TROPHY ! Thank you, thank you. Please… no, really. You’re too kind. Please, hold your applause....

Crotona Countdown 4

Crotona Countdown

I’ve got the Triple Hippo-Handed and she’s ready to go. Heated grips, heated jacket liner and a steaming, hot desire to not quit. Those things should carry me thru the night. The frost is...

How Stupid Ideas are Born 0

How Stupid Ideas are Born

2007 CROTONA MIDNIGHT RUN! A CERTAIN FRIEND:Croton Run sat night at midnight KENNY: yeah I saw that A CERTAIN FRIEND: take one of my bikes lets go KENNY: man, thats gonna be COLLLLLD A...