Crotona Countdown

I’ve got the Triple Hippo-Handed and she’s ready to go. Heated grips, heated jacket liner and a steaming, hot desire to not quit. Those things should carry me thru the night.

The frost is on the pumpkin this morning. Its currently 16 degrees. The weather man says its not going to be any colder than that between today and tomorrow, so I guess I have that to be thankful for!


A CERTAIN FRIEND: you know, this is insane
roger that, ghostrider
ME: but in the best possible way

A CERTAIN FRIEND: do we know what we are doing?
ME: aint it cool?


Some people might scoff, might say things like:

‘Why would you want to leave your nice warm bed to ride your bike all night, through the dark, in 20 degree weather?’

To them I say, ‘ I don’t know.’

You shouldn’t lick a 9V battery, but you just have to know what its like. Gotta try it for yourself.

Meeting the guys at 9:30 tonight to head to Nathan’s in Yonkers. Remind me to bring my EZ Pass, ok? I just want to be able to do this ride, start to finish. Wish me luck!


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4 Responses

  1. dave says:

    Truly hardcore!

  2. OG says:

    Did I mention that I really am jealous…I seriously want to do this ride. I didn’t even know it existed on Monday and now it’s on the must do list….

    Stay warm and may the Swartz be with you !

  3. Dick Roberts, Ramapo MC says:

    Thanks for the nice aticle. Yes, there was another female rider from the Celtic MCC. Your children will be happy to know that a trophy for the high point female rider is on the way along with your finisher’s medalion, along with another picture of you dressed like a snow man.

    Thanks for riding & see you next year!!!~????

    Dick Roberts

  4. Fuzz! says:

    Hi Dick! Thanks for the update on the ladies. Its good to know there were a handful of us out there. I hope they enjoyed the short line to the bathroom at Carmel as much as I did o) Thanks to you & the members of your club for putting on such a great event. I truly enjoyed every finger numbing minute of it. Hope to see you next year! Take Care~

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