2009 IBR: No News is Good News?

2009 IBR: No News is Good News?

catfish Iron Butt LogoWe can happily say that there was no official news coming out of the Iron Butt Org on any of their assorted posting spots referencing Catfish. We’re going to go on the assumption that no news is good news!  To us, that means he’s still in there fighting the good fight.

I hope he’s safe and getting some sleep along the way. Less than 24 hour before Checkpoint 1 officially closes in St. Charles, Illinois.

What do we know?

  • Today was the first Call In bonus
    This is when riders call in to rally staffers and leave their name, their rally number, where they currently are, the last bonus that they picked up and the next bonus that they will be shooting for.

    Did Catfish make the call in? We don’t know, but we sure hope so! This seems like a easy bonus to get, but then again I cannot imagine what its like to be out there competing. I am sure it’s pretty easy for things to slip your mind.

    Apparently rider locations will be released some time tomorrow (August 26) based on the call in, so we’ll be able to see where the ‘Fish is. Where ever that may be, I hope it’s with a fist full of bonus points.

  • Catfish shows up in video and pictures
    There are some photos and video floating around the web from Spartanburg, which happen to catch Catfish or his bike in them.

    • A nice YouTube video of the riders leaving rally headquarters.
      Look for the hi-viz yellow jacket shortly after the 1:40 mark. That’s our guy!
    • The FJR Forum has a picture of Catfish’s “Farkle” FJR.
    • In Monday’s official Iron Butt dispatch pdf, Catfish can be seen in the staircase group shot, peeking over the rally sign on the lower left corner.

If you spot any Catfish pictures or video from Spartanburg on the web, please let us know!

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