09 IBR: Catfishs Iron Butt Rally Yamaha FJR

09 IBR: Catfishs Iron Butt Rally Yamaha FJR

There are only 14 days left before the 2009 Iron Butt Rally train leaves the station. 

Early on Sunday morning, I got an email from Catfish. Attached to the email were 4 photos of Catfish’s nearly ready Iron Butt Rally Yamaha FJR. Though I was aware of just how much farkling was going in to getting the bike ready to roll for the August 28, 2009 start, when I clicked and opened the first image, I actually said “Whoa,” out loud.  

Catfish and his 2009 Iron Butt Rally Yamaha FJR

The first thing that came to mind is that it looks like the bike is ready to go in to battle. The more I thought about that, it became apparent that in some respects that may be true. Pulling down over 11,000 miles in 11 days is going to be a fight to the finish.

The dashboard of Catfish's 2009 Iron Butt Rally Yamaha FJR


  • Rear Car Tire
  • 2GPS Units
  • Fuel Cell

Whew, there is a lot of stuff on that bike! More wire, switches, nuts and bolts than I am certain we can see in a glance; things that are buttoned up neatly and tucked out of the way. For a full listing of the modifications that were made to get the bike ready for the 09 Iron Butt Rally, be sure to visit Catfish’s Rally page!


For More Information on the IBR – Iron Butt Rally:

Anyone care to take a guess what that red switch on the left is for? Comment below!

2 Replies to “09 IBR: Catfishs Iron Butt Rally Yamaha FJR”

  1. Nope. Look on the right handle bar and find the master cylinder (there’s a switch box on top of that for my driving lights). Just off to the right of that master cylinder you’ll see the sun glare off the top of my auxiliary fuel pump switch.
    Very hard to see?

    You can’t see it in these photos but under the GPS on the right is a light on the dash shelf.


    If I turn the pump on the switch goes red.


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