2009 IBR: Last Transmission before the Rally Kickoff

Catfish Iron Butt Rally 2009The Latest News

Saturday – August 22, 2009

  • Catfish arrives at the Rally start point in Spartanburg after 1am.
  • He confirmed that he left New York with a fresh Pilot Road 2 up front and a car tire on the rear.  Cross your fingers that the Pilot Road 2 will have no issues pounding what will be in excess of 12,000 miles with the trip to South Carolina. He’s hoping to not require a tire change during the rally.
  • Catfish completes his official odometer check and passes tech inspection.
  • An oil change was completed in Spartanburg.
  • Worried about carrying extra weight, our favorite pack rat was jettisoning anything that he deemed unneeded off of the bike and sending it home with his wife.
  • Riders attended a sleep seminar as well as a media seminar

Sunday  – Less than 24 Hours before Take Off

The web is all a-flutter with news of the communication blackout outlined in the IBR media seminar on Saturday.  Any 2009 rally participant who is found to be communicating news of their rally trip publicly any time after 10am tomorrow (August 24) and through the 11th day of the rally is in deep doo-doo and will be disqualified.

That means no blogs, no texts, and no public SPOT tracker links. I personally think its crap, but it’s their rally, their rules. Not wanting to endanger Catfish’s ride in any way, I will not be publicly communicating any updates as I’d hoped to do, during the next 11 days.  Insert super-sad face here.

Riders have received their rally books and bonus listings. No doubt in this time when relaxation would be ideal, it must be in short supply.

What do we know?

  • Rally Start
     Monday August 24, 2009, 10am
    Spartanburg,  South Carolina
  • Check Point 1
    Wednesday, August 26, 9 – 11pm Central Time
    St. Charles, Illinois
  • Checkpoint 2
    Sunday, August 30, 9pm – 11pm Pacific Time
    Santa Ana, California
  • Rally Finish
    Friday, September 4, 9am Pacific Time
    Spokane Washington

We’re almost in the dark time

If I read any official IBR public updates noting Catfish’s progress, I will pass along a link.  I’m hoping to not hear from Catfish after 10am tomorrow for the 11 days following. That would mean he’s made it through to the other side.  Go, Catfish, Go!

Please join me in sending out thoughts and wishes of safe traveling to all those participating.

•    Official Iron Butt Rally 2009 Website


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  1. Fjrider1 says:

    I was wondering why I couldn’t see his spot…

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Go Cat Go!

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