Checking out the Rooke KTM at the Cycleworld Bike Show

A few weeks ago, I saw this Jesse Rooke bike all over the web. I was lucky enough to get a look at it at the bikeshow in NYC last week.

Rooke KTM

I happen love the way that it marries up slick, naked aggression with a retro-sport vibe. The bike looks f’n tough. Kinda like you’d ride it with a leather helmet, a maniacal grin and quite possibly no pants on. You’d get bugs in your teeth and like it. You’d smoke full tar cigarettes, to hell with the filters! No. No… Redman. You’d chaw Redman tabacco and spit the brown syrup of disgust square in the face of Corporate America for trying to keep the man down! Sons-a-bitches!

You could probably just ride it to Starbucks too, that might be alright.

No oil, no water, no start - Rooke KTM
…no shit.


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  1. OG says:

    Other than the bling-tastic wheels, I like this bike. Well, that and Rooke’s ( Roland Sands too ) constant use of the guys over at the fire engine paint and striping shop…

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