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2014 IMS-NY: Is This Bike Show Burnout?

2014 IMS-NY: Is This Bike Show Burnout?

fuzzygalore duke 390at the bike show

Just as in years past, Kenny and I went in to NYC to check out the International Motorcycle Show last week. I don’t know if it is a symptom of being bombarded by media at every turn (my own doing) or the general ease of getting information about, well, anything – but each year the bike show becomes less and less appealing. The number of vendors dwindles a little more, manufacturers don’t show up and the same old-same old stunt show gets dusted off and trotted out.

By the time the show rolls in to New York City, I’ve already seen a million photos of the highlights from previous media days on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as they rolled through other cities. This year’s darlings were the Kawasaki H2, the “GromWing” and the Ducati Scrambler – photos and blog posts galore on the internet. When I finally saw them all in person? It was with little more than a passing glance. ::yawn::

Maybe it’s just me, I dunno.

The venue here in NYC must be some money bleeding racket where the little guy can barely afford to set up shop for the weekend.  There were comparatively few vendors selling a variety of gear, aftermarket parts or tour information. My thoughts are just anecdotal but I bet these days there is a lot of trying on and then buying on the internet for the best price. If someone “can order it for you,” well then you can order it yourself. It probably doesn’t pay to show up.

Sadly, if you asked me what I would LIKE to see at the event? I don’t really even have a constructive answer. Maybe next year I’ll just need to go on an internet diet for a few weeks leading up to the show.

Did you go the the IMS this year? What are your thoughts? 

Listening to Lois – Where Are You Going?

Listening to Lois – Where Are You Going?

Lois Pryce Speaking at NYC Motorcycle Show

While at the motorcycle show in New York, I sat and listened to motorcycle adventuress Lois Pryce’s presentation of her trip from Alaska to Argentina. It was a life changing endeavor that spawned the book Lois on the Loose.

Watching her move across the stage, a lady in a dress – feminine, funny, seemingly happy – she talked about her love of travel and riding her motorcycle.

Seeing her in person moved me. There she was, a ‘regular’ person who didn’t have to choose between being a lady OR being a motorcyclist. She was both. And that was wonderful.

Lois on the Loose Autographed

Following her on-stage talk, Kenny and I made our way over to her booth to purchase one of her books. After a quick, hello she fired off a question:

‘Where are you going on your next adventure?’

Oh, Lois… you just don’t know how that question has been burning away inside of me lately! I am consumed by it. My thoughts have been a constant swirl of wonder, and calculating, and trying to retain a balance between following my selfish heart and honoring my commitments, too.

What to do, what to do?

I guess now is not the time for me to know, not the time for me to make any final decisions.

So, with no answers for myself ~ how about you? Where are you going on your next adventure?

Is the Motorcycle Spokesmodel a Necessary Evil?

Is the Motorcycle Spokesmodel a Necessary Evil?

During our visit to the bike show over the weekend, we saw a lot of beautiful spokesmodel types representing different manufacturers and vendors. Some just stood around looking sexy and others… well, they were apparently coached to speak to people.

I witnessed one particular exchange that was completely cringe-worthy. When asked questions about the bikes on display the young lady must have been recalling what she memorized on the cab ride over. It was apparent that she didn’t really know anything about the motorcycles she was standing amongst.

“Wow, what’s the top speed on that?”

“Um…  like… 100 maybe?”

Oh, brother. Well, are you asking or telling? 

As a woman, I am more impressed by other women who kick some ass. Women who are out there doing something. Women who are out there adventuring, wrenching and you know… RIDING! Doing the thing that this show was about. Those are the types of broads who give me something to aspire to, give me courage and lead by example. That’s what I identify with.

My question is this: Wouldn’t you rather speak to someone who REALLY knows about the bikes and isn’t just there to look beautiful?

Rock the Gear with Brittany Morrow at the International Motorcycle Show

Rock the Gear with Brittany Morrow at the International Motorcycle Show

Rock the GearIf you’re attending any of the Progressive International Motorcycle Show dates as it travels around the country, make sure you check the Learning Curve schedule to see if Brittany Morrow is speaking. Her story is really moving.

If you’ve been a motorcycle rider who has used a forum or any other hangout on the web – I bet you know Brittany’s story even if you don’t realize it.

Founder of Rock the Gear, Brittany Morrow is a survivor. At the age of 20, she hopped on the back of a motorcycle as a passenger wearing an ill-fitting helmet, a sweatshirt, capri pants and sneakers. That day would change her life forever.

Brittany survived a 500+ foot slide along a hot New Mexico highway, when she came off the back of the bike which was traveling at about 120mph. From that day forward, she became The Roadrash Queen.

“No one plans on crashing.”

Listening to a person who lived through such an ordeal first hand, really adds a whole other level of “realness” to the story. Just hearing her mention how her kneecaps had to be reattached was gasp-worthy.

Brittany Morrow Speaking at the NY IMS

My hope is that someone who isn’t already practicing ATGATT hears her message and maybe changes their mind about not rocking the gear.

Even one changed person would be a success. | Facebook | Brittany on Twitter