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Void Rally 11: RTFM, Dummy!

  Remember that time I posted about how I had planned my Void Rally 11 route and it was done and dusted and I was okay with it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…heh… hoooo… That was funny, wasn’t...


VOID Rally 11: The Doubt Phase

Seemingly random pins on a map… different colors, different point values, all perplexing. That’s what I’ve got to use to put together a route for my Void Rally 11 ride. The object is to...


Riding the Titan Quest 24-Hour Rally

During the weekend of August 8-9, 2015 I rode in the inaugural Hammy’s Experimental Rallies 24-Hour Titan Quest. A flag and bonus photo rally that highlighted Muffler Men, Giant Chickens and Whispering Giants. You...