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2009 IBR: The Plot Thickens Leaving St. Charles, Illinois

On August 27 the leg 2 bonus listing was distributed to the riders dark and early at 4am. This 3 1/2 day leg puts riders to the task of accumulating 27,000 points to be considered a finisher. After the riders meeting, everyone was clear for takeoff. Unfortunately, for Catfish, he did not get an early start.


Merry Christmas from

Happy Holidays to you and yours. Wishing you many happy miles and lots of smiles in the New Year. I have a little Christmas town that we assemble here at the house each year....

Bless You, Ray 2

Bless You, Ray

You left us 3 years ago now.You are missed but live on in our memories.May you rest in peace.

In Memoriam: Michael and Cyndi 5

In Memoriam: Michael and Cyndi

On Saturday morning during what was supposed to be a gathering of people to enjoy a day out of riding, fun and laughter, an unfortunate accident claimed the lives of two of our friends,...


Home is Where…

the heart is. That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to for the last month or so. I’ve been so wrapped up in the daily goings-on of my family, working on our little house...


New Family Member

Welcome to the family, T! Wishing you many happy and safe miles with her. She’s a beaut.