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3 Responses

  1. Cruddy says:

    At least you got out for lunch and had some good weather before it opened up! 🙂

    The sexxxxy glaaaasssseeeesssss kept the sun out. It sexed up the weather.

  2. Fuzz says:

    seeeeeeeeeexxxxxxxy glaaaaaaaaaaaasses! :o) Coco just said Hi Deluff 😉

  3. Yell says:

    Aw! Please don’t tell me my seeeexy glaaaasses are the only thing that keeps the sun shining. That’s not fair! If I start wairning them around the office everybody here will think I’ve REALLY lost the plot! I already keep hoping that they’ll magically transport me over there every time I put them on…like Dorothy and her Ruby Slippers! EEK! ….send in the ‘Men in White Coats’…I’ll go quietly!

    Fuzz : Tell Coco I said ‘Wassuuuup!’

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