In Memoriam: Michael and Cyndi

In Memoriam: Michael and Cyndi

On Saturday morning during what was supposed to be a gathering of people to enjoy a day out of riding, fun and laughter, an unfortunate accident claimed the lives of two of our friends, Michael and Cyndi.

During my ride home I had many hours to just sit and think about what happened with Michael and Cyndi, yesterday. I replayed what my memory would allow over and over and over trying to come to some

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  1. I read with sadness your post about your friends’ accident…and the official report you linked in your post.
    Motorcycling is indeed a risky business, but it’s still very sad indeed when an accident like this claims the lives of some really good folks.
    May they rest in peace, and somehow, some way, find a way to enjoy the cool breeze in their faces wherever they are.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. I am so sorry to have read this news. I cannot image what you and the others in your group are going though at this time. The only saving grace in they loved what they were doing, something only a passionate motorcyclist would understand. We pray for them, their families and everyone who loved them.

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