2009 IBR: Day 5 – Catfish and Hobos and Buddy Christ, Oh My!

2009 IBR: Day 5 – Catfish and Hobos and Buddy Christ, Oh My!

Catfish 2009 Iron Butt Rally Logo - IBRWe got a check in call from the Fish Cat this morning. He was happy to report that his battery was steadily charging and was handling its load fine. Apparently riding these farkled out bikes must be murder on a battery. He gave another rally rider a jump in Wisconsin at one of the bonus stops on Thursday.

Friday, August 28 had Catfish moving across the plains and ultimately in to Colorado where he stopped to sleep in a real bed and eat a real meal. Apparently Catfish is a bit of a night owl. He is finding himself most tired during the day and feeling his best at night once the sun starts to set. It seems that he spent a little time sawing logs on a bench near the Hobo museum sometime during the day. 

When we spoke, I said something to the effect of – ‘Wow, for the boy who hasn’t been anywhere, you’ve been all over now!’ In his very nonchalant way, he basically said everything looks like upstate New York just in varying sizes. I chuckled to myself thinking of how Ewan McGregor harkened everything to Scotland as he traveled the world in Long Way Round.

Yesterday Catfish’s Buddy Christ that rides shotgun on the FJR sacrificed himself to an off ramp. Catfish pulled off and ran back to look for him. What he found was a headless and armless Buddy C.  He’s a bit worse for wear but he’s still along for the ride. Depending on your religious leanings you might find this pretty fitting. Good ole Christ, taking one for the team

1 More Day until Checkpoint 2 – Santa Ana, California!

The plot thickens, the drama continues. I’m excited to see how Catfish’s next 24 hours unfold.

Checkpoint 2
Sunday, August 30, 9pm – 11pm Pacific Time
Santa Ana, California

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If you spot any pic of videos of Catfish around the web, please let me know!

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