13 Replies to “Day 22: The Motorcyclist’s Kitchen – #29in29”

  1. Fuzzy is it your Birthday? IF it is have an awesome day! We have assorted screw drivers and flashlights and junk like that hanging out in our kitchen. Usually my helmet is on the kitchen table and my gloves. Occasionally there will be an oil filter or other such sundries.

  2. Happy Birthday

    Moto-kitchen. I had to check my counters. They’re clear of all things moto, but the dining table is filled with bicycle and motorcycle bits. Helmet, camelbak and tank bag…and lots of mail.

    I’m not much of a cook either, and the table is more for storage than eating. 😉

  3. Right! No problems with that, Fuzz. We have a set of wheels in our kitchen; an engine, gearbox and magnito in one room. This is topped with four seats in the bedroon and a heap of spares in the attic.

    And a belated happy birthday from me.

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