Save the Date: 2012 Crotona Midnight Run

Save the Date: 2012 Crotona Midnight Run

This morning I received an email hot off the press. It was the announcement of the date of Ramapo Motorcycle Club’s 2012 Crotona Midnight Run.

Mark your calendars boys and girls~

2012 Crotona Midnight Run
February  4-5 2012
First key at Midnight for details

Will you be there this year?

What Is the Crotona Midnight Run?

The Crotona is a timed road ride in which participants must sustain moving at 30 miles per hour over a course of 120 miles. The full course is broken in to two 60 mile legs, with a 2 hour layover at the halfway mark. The ride starts at midnight, with riders being released 1 every minute.

Throughout the course are random checkpoints, logging your speed. You start the ride with a bank of 1,000 points. Points are then deducted from your score based on what time you arrive at the checkpoints along the route. Points are deducted at 2 points for every minute early, 1 point for every minute late. You must make all checkpoints.

Fuzzy at the 2007 Crotona Midnight Run

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