2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Watching the Weather

2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Watching the Weather

Looking at the 10 day forecast for next weekend’s Crotona Midnight Run looks like it could be wet. The good news is that at this point the temperatures are staying in an easily doable place.

Is the Glass Half Full or Half Empty?

Do you see weather as partly sunny or partly cloudy? Is a 30% chance of rain a 70% chance that it won’t rain?

Extended Forecast - 2011 Crotona Midnight Run

I began writing this post on morning ofΒ  Saturday the 12th. In just 2 day’s time, it looks like my optimism may have paid off! The precipitation looks like it’s moving out. ::whew!:: I’m crossing my fingers extra hard that this weather trend stays the course.

Does this forecast entice any of you locals to participate?

Yonkers Forecast for the Crotona

I’ve heard rumblings of 2 more friends throwing their hats in to the ring. Hopefully I’ll be able to confirm that soon!

So, now I actually have to consider preparing myself to do the ride. I still need a reading light and the ability to stay awake past 1am.

3 Replies to “2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Watching the Weather”

  1. Warm temps without the threat of a rainy night is going to make for a crowded Carmel Diner me thinks. I’m looking forward to seeing you AND Kenny there (you that that Kenny, I fully expect you to be there!!).

    On a side note, since it’s going to be a high of 50ΒΊ today, I think it’s high time I install my Scottoiler Esystem πŸ™‚

  2. It’s funny how relative temperature can be. When did the 20s become “warm”? Although cold and dry is way better than cold and wet. Or even warm and wet. I never thought I’d consider 40 degrees warm enough to ride either, but I never thought I’d buy a new motorcycle in the middle of winter either. If I lived closer, I’d become a crazy woman, too.

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