2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Let There Be Light!

2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Let There Be Light!

I stopped by Borders last night and picked up a flexy LED book light to clip to the windshield of the Bomber. Now I should be able to read my route sheet with ease.

I walked out of Borders and put the light on my bike. In that short amount of time I also managed to “lose” my keys. I went through every one of my pockets five times. Nothing. I looked on the ground. I looked through my nearly empty tankbag. No dice. I was filled with a sense of dread at the thought of having to call Kenny at home to tell him I lost my keys in the span of 10 minutes.

The little helper elf that sits filing her nails with her feet up on the desk in the back of my brain hit the intercom button and said, “Check your glove…” Check my glove? What? That’s absurd. “Check your glove…

Somehow my keys fell inside my left Gerbings glove which was plugged into my jacket and dangling like it was on mitten clips. Crisis averted. I had my light, my keys and Kenny was saved from spontaneous combustion. Thanks helper elf.

Testing My Light

I took my new light on a test ride buzzing down the 2 lane highway at about 60 for a few miles. It did just fine. The tractor-like vibes of the GS didn’t rattle it loose, unclip it or otherwise dislodge it. We’re in business!

I mentioned my new light to Soth on Twitter. He proceeded to tell me about his fancy Mighty Bright killer rollchart combo that he whipped up. Then he asked me what kind of light I got. I wonder if he could actually hear the crickets through the computer?

Why on EARTH would I pick something smart and you know, fancy? I picked my light because it had cute skulls on it. Priorities, people!

Here are some crap photos from my iPhoneย of how my light illuminates:

Testing my reading light
Reading Light Only
Testing my Reading Light
Reading / Running Lights
Testing my light
Reading/Street Light

As it turns out, my cute skull light is sufficiently bright. Yay!

If It’s Not One Thing, It’s Another

Unfortunately, I came to realize that the backlight on the GS gauge cluster doesn’t really illuminate the odometer, so I’ll need a secondary light. Fantastic!

7 Replies to “2011 Crotona Midnight Run: Let There Be Light!”

  1. Wow, I’m surprised that the light stays put on the windscreen like that! I didn’t know that you were going to use a tankbag as a means to house your route sheet/s.

    If you decide to change your lighting set up, I have a one of these that you can borrow (left over from my last IronButt) –


    1. Soth-
      I was pretty surprised the light stayed put, too. It didn’t shift or do anything. So, I’m happy about that. I used my tankbag last time, it worked fine. But I was considering maybe using a clipboard so it would be quicker to shuffle the sheets.

    1. @Judy- Boys. Whaddayagonnado? ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I’m so easily swayed by cute things. It was a toss up between a shiny purple one with peace signs and the black with skulls. I chose skulls figuring my daughter would like it when I’m done with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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