Whoa, It’s Almost Crotona Midnight Run Time!

It just hit me that the Crotona Midnight Run is this weekend! I thought I had more time.

2012 Crotona Midnight Run

The good thing is that there really isn’t much that I need to do to prepare this year. I need to find where my cutey-skull light went – something tells me it has found a new home in my daughter’s room – and I need to stick on my map pocket. Other than that, I’m just winging it.

The weather forecast for Saturday in to Sunday is looking really good with a low temperature around 30. ::knocks wood::  That is perfectly fine by me! Last year we saw temps in the teens.

Weather forecast Crotona Midnight Run

Most of all I will be happy to not be riding that big flippin’ Panzer GS. I can openly hate that bike now and not feel guilty because it’s out of my life. I’ll be happy as a clam riding the Tiger. Meow Fft Fft!

I’ve had several people ask me that same old boring question, again… “Why?”

The answer is still the same. Because it’s fun.

94th Crotona Midnight Run

Start & Finish: Nathan’s/Kohl Parking Lot – Central Ave/Rte 100, Yonkers, NY
: 10:30pm
Key Time: 12:00 Midnight
Entry Fee: $20
More Info: http://ramapomc.org


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