The 2012 Crotona Midnight Run Results Are In!

The 2012 Crotona Midnight Run Results Are In!

The top 3 finishers for this years Crotona Midnight Run in both the Expert and Novice categories have been posted online for the better part of a week. But today… today the results for the rest of us little people came in the mail πŸ™‚

Along with the results came the coveted CMR finishers medallion.

2012 Crotona Midnight Run Medallion

Do you smell that? That my friends, is the smell of victory.

By the looks of things (unless i’m reading the scores wrong), I squeaked out a finish in the overall top 10. I didn’t do so great on points. I came away with only 972. But that was enough to put me in at the number 9 spot overall. Can’t complain about that.

Category Rider Points
High Point Overall Ken Creary 993
1st Place Expert Bob & Beverly Bendix 992
2nd Place Expert Pat Regan 991
3rd Place Expert Robert McCarthy 989
1st Place Novice Alan Dubbs 989
2nd Place Novice Michael Salese 989
3rd Place Novice Mike Dolan 988


Great Job, Guys!

Again, big thanks to Ramapo MC for a fun night out. Can’t wait for next year!

You can read my post on the nights events here:Β A Night Out On The Town – The 94th Crotona Midnight Run

17 Replies to “The 2012 Crotona Midnight Run Results Are In!”

    1. You’re so right! I guess the whole idea of “earning” something is such a great motivator. We do patches (badges) and pins quite often but I haven’t seen another medallion aside from this one.

  1. Congratulations for your place in the Midnight Run (I was the pax in the side-car outfit who offered gas to you last year in Bedford).
    We (or me solo) will be back next year. See you then.

  2. I’ve been following your CMR blog entries for the past few years and have always enjoyed them. Next year I will look for you at the event just to say “Hi!” Congratulations and keep it up!

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