2011: My Favorite Five – Motorcycle Photos

2011: My Favorite Five – Motorcycle Photos

The blog “All Things Rogey!” recently posted a blogging challenge: Post your favorite photos of 2011 and the reason why they are your favorite. The rules: the photos must be taken by you and you must include a photo of yourself in the 5.

Narrowing a list down to just five photos is much harder than I thought. 2011 was a really good year. But, in no particular order here they are:

Monkey & Me Riding Off Into the Sunset

Riding into the sunset with Chloe

Why I Love This Pic: Because nothing can compare to watching your kid triumph. This photo of me following Chloe off into the fading winter sun represents in my mind something that I hope continues throughout our lives. Love that kid so much.

Original Post: Riding Motorcycles With My Daughter Is Heaven


The Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ride Parkway Sign
Why I Love This Pic: In June, I took an impromptu long weekend trip on the bike. In the warmth of the late afternoon sun my friend Bill and I found ourselves on a nearly deserted stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a perfect moment in time and one of my fondest riding memories of the year.

Original Post: Two Ugly Ducklings on the Blue Ridge


Golden Hills on Hot Spring Drive

Hot Springs Drive

Why I Love This Pic: The heat was so oppressive but there was something so wonderfully beautiful about riding along in the the dry golden hills. This was taken on our first day of meeting up with our friend Ed in California, whom I am always happy to ride with.

Original Post: California Love: Golden Fields on Hot Springs Drive


Motorcyclists Dream – Twisty Road Next 140 Miles

Winding Road Next 140 Miles

Why I Love This Pic:  This is the kind of sign that inspires 1,000 motorcycle daydreams. Taken near Red Bluff, California on Route 36.

I’ve seen some blogs re-post my photo and chuckle that the curve in the photo doesn’t look like much – and they’d be right. But only a person who has never ridden CA36 could make such a silly statement. It’s what’s around the next bend for the next 140 miles that counts. Awesome road.

Original Post: Here It Is! The Greatest Road Sign In The World


Me and Sunflowers

Fuzzygalore and sunflowers

Why I Love This Pic: I have a little bit of the fugs going on, so I’m kind of camera shy.  This is one photo of me I actually like! It was taken while we were out riding in the woods during the summer. A nearby farm had a plot of sunflowers stretching all the way across the field. Being that they are one of my favorite flowers, I just had to sneak over for a peek.

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Did you post your favorite 5, too?

16 Replies to “2011: My Favorite Five – Motorcycle Photos”

  1. Great photos fuzzy.

    I have to say the picture of you and Monkey is my favorite. It is so awesome that she too loves to ride. Apple didn’t fall far from the tree there.

    Happy riding.

  2. Just great pics, and thanks for taking part. I will have to agree with the others the first one is my favourite. Just awesome. NOw I just have to work out how to start following your blog.

  3. I rode behind you at the berkshire, nice photos. I can’t wait til my boys are old enough to ride. You were FAST! or I am slow, I rather you’re fast.

    1. T! How are you?
      Fast, huh? You’re sweet. (the check is in the mail 😆 )

      That was definitely one of the most memorable rides of the year for me. I think I have a pic of the two of us on our “detour”.

      Hope we’ll be hooking up to ride together again next year 🙂

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