2011 Crotona Midnight Run: The Right Tool For the Job?

2011 Crotona Midnight Run: The Right Tool For the Job?

I get excited about things. It’s just my way. Quite often Kenny has to talk me down off the ledge when my enthusiasm overshadows my good sense. On Saturday I told him that I was committed to doing the Crotona again this year.

Naturally his first question was “what bike are you taking?” When I answered “the DRZ”, he kind of looked at me like, well,… like he looks at me a lot. With the “are you an idiot?” look.

Bless his blonde, little heart, he did have some good points against riding the DRZ. Points that I did already consider. Mainly that I wouldn’t be able to run a full suite of electrics. And of course there is that pesky slab ride to and from the starting line.

“Why don’t you take the GS?” he said in typical deadpan delivery.
In a moment of true luminescent brilliance, I replied :blink:blink: “Uh? I don’t know?”

The Big Bomber

Fuzzygalores Big Bomber - the BMW 1150GS

The GSΒ  (which we call “The Big Bomber”) is like our red-headed stepchild bike. I sometimes forget that I even own it.

Simply put – I do not love the GS. Β It’s fine, it works, it’s a tank. It can eat up the miles and keep you comfortable at the same time. You can bolt/strap/tie a shit-ton of stuff on it and ride for a bajillion miles while powering electric underpants, a radar detector, 48 GPSs, a missile launcher and the WOPR.

Even though it looks like a hippo on roller skates –Β  once rolling it is surprisingly light on it’s feet. BUT… eh. I don’t know. It never found it’s way into my heart and stayed there. Our love affair was brief.

So, Kenny absolutely did have a point. The GS is probably the right tool for the Crotona. I can wear all of my electrics. The highway ride to and from the start location will be a piece of cake. I’ll have plenty of room to attach a light and space to put my route sheet and I won’t have to fill up at the halfway mark to make sure I can get to the end of the ride.

Damn it! I hate it when he’s all sensible and stuff.

The Big Bomber will ride again.

15 Replies to “2011 Crotona Midnight Run: The Right Tool For the Job?”

  1. I didn’t even know you owned a GS. The GS is an adventure bike, right? And the Crotona is certainly an adventure. It’s calling you (in a German accent of course): Take meeee, Fuzzy, take meeee on zee adventure.

    1. DJD-
      Yea, we’ve had the Bomber for a bit. Kenny rides it far more than I do anymore. It’s great for 2-up riding. That’s where it sees most of it’s duty these days. Though, if we were going to hit the road for a bit – that would be Kenny’s bike of choice.

  2. Well if you’re talking about the right tool for the job, then I guess I’m going to be woefully unprepared yet again πŸ™

    Personally, I think the DRZ would be pure badass, but if you have to have electrics, then the kraut is the more sensible choice.

    1. The DRZ would be great. I feel most comfortable on it because its such an effortless ride. But actually getting to Yonkers and then home in the morning would be straight up torture, especially with no heat. Riding it on the slab is sucky.

      I think one of the MOST important things is that you feel comfortable on whatever it is you’re riding. You’ve got a a serious leg up on me there. The GS is f’n HUGE. Feels like a school bus maneuvering it around. I haven’t ridden it in at least 6 months and man it sure showed when I took it for a shakedown tonight. I just have to ride it for the rest of the week to get acclimated to it again.

    1. Sidecar would be pretty nifty, Doug.

      I *think* one of my friends will be participating with his Ural rig. I’ve never gotten a ride in the sidecar – maybe killing time before heading out will be my chance!

  3. Too bad the DRZ doesn’t have electrics it would be perfect for the ride. I can see the reasoning behind the GS but it is just so unwieldy. How smooth is it at the slower speeds you will be riding?

  4. The stator on the DRZ leaves about 50w at best to go towards something plugged in – so either you are using something small, or you’re using more power than can be recharged (and beating up on a stator that is known for weakness). At sustained 30mph you’d likely burn through that battery before you made the halfway point if you ran a liner and gloves. Sigh.

    GL – come by some time and take the GS for a spin, you will be very surprised at how easy it is to rail on that thing. It’ll corner like any sportbike, but will do so and allow you to be comfortable to boot.

  5. Don’t tell me that i’ll be selling my 1098 before I know it lol But when it warms up, it is warm now actually, to be fair i’ll do a swap on a ride you can take the 1098 and i’ll try the GS?

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