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The Post-Road Trip Hangover

When setting off on a road trip your imagination is full of best laid plans and wonder. There is an excitement that takes over your thoughts as you watch your shadow riding along with...


The Long Shadows Were Calling Me Home

When the shadows start getting long, that’s when I start missing home. I continuously walk the line of having the curiosity of a person who likes to wander and one whose heartstrings reel them...


Welcome Back to the Empire State

Following the Hancock Highway, I crossed the border from Pennsylvania into New York in the town of Hancock. For hours and hours, my belly had been growling. I felt the pasty, dry, mouth that...


Sometimes You Have To Go It Alone

I sat on the curb in a Pennsylvania gas station and looked up at Bill. The backdrop behind him was a rolling green mountain, under the brightest blue sky. We’d already put just about...


I Found More Love in West Virginia

It’s so perfect that I stumbled across this heart in a gas station in West Virginia. I found my first “heart and sole” picture in the same state in 2008. View some of the...


Virginia Is For Motorcycle Lovers

When we left Long Island heading south, we were three. It was Graham, Bill and myself. We were set to meet up with the other Bill in Virginia, which we did on Saturday night...


Late Afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s really no wonder that the Blue Ridge Parkway was on AMA Magazine’s 15 Best Roads in America list. It is, in short, a great ride. 469 miles from top to bottom of beautiful riding.


On the Road: The Sunrise Outside My Window

When I got up and looked outside of my hotel window this morning, the sun was rising over the gauzy backdrop of the Blue Ridge mountains. Squeezed beneath the hotel entry way sat bikes...