On the Road: The Sunrise Outside My Window

On the Road: The Sunrise Outside My Window

When I got up and looked outside of my hotel window this morning, the sun was rising over the gauzy backdrop of the Blue Ridge mountains.

Sunrise in Virginia outside of my window
Squeezed beneath the hotel entry way sat bikes from New York, Ontario, Rhode Island and North Carolina. Further proof that if the riding is good, people will come from all over to check it out.

Back home on Long Island… New York motorcycle plates only :-/

4 Replies to “On the Road: The Sunrise Outside My Window”

  1. Great picture, your right about there only being NY bikes on the island. Who would want to ride out here if they could avoid it? Looks like the trip is going well keep enjoying it!

    1. I was reading a copy of RoadRunners “Riding America’s Backroads” and they actually have a Long Island loop listed – greenport/sag harbor/hamptons. I was kind of shocked when you consider all of the great riding in the States.

  2. I love seeing bikes from different places all together. It’s why rallies are so exciting. The motorcycles symbolize the adventurous souls who ride them. Like you!

    1. Its nice to get to talk with other riders out doing the same thing you’re doing. We’re all so different yet so the same.

      Motorcycles are such an equalizer of people AND such a great way to keep meeting each other.

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