Not Quite a Double Rainbow, But…

Not Quite a Double Rainbow, But…

… I was pretty excited about it anyway.

After riding around West Virginia all day, we made our way to Chambersburg, Pa. and got rooms for the night. It was there that a full rainbow stretched across the sky.

On one end of the bow, Denny’s.

All Rainbows lead to Dennys

On the other, a Gulf station.

Rainbow to Gulf Station

It had all the makings of a perfect Ride to Eat.

Eat here and get gas! 🙂

2 Replies to “Not Quite a Double Rainbow, But…”

  1. West Virginia is my favorite place to ride. Glad you enjoyed it fuzz. Trying to remember the routes, 219, 55, 39. Man that’s a good stretch. I have, and could easily again just ride in circles around that state.

    1. Absolutely, Dan.
      It’s such a great state for riding. Great mountain roads, good pavement and no people. Jackpot!

      We rode 39 with not another person in front of us from start to finish. I love that road <3

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