Sometimes You Have To Go It Alone

Sometimes You Have To Go It Alone

I sat on the curb in a Pennsylvania gas station and looked up at Bill. The backdrop behind him was a rolling green mountain, under the brightest blue sky. We’d already put just about 100 miles in for the morning.

In that moment, I began to rattle off several reasons why I didn’t have to go home. That’s where we were heading on that Monday morning. I received no argument from Bill, probably because he too has a wandering heart. Instead, by 9:30am my trip plans were changed. Bill was going to continue on back to Long Island, and  I was going… north-ish?

Pennyslvania Route 125

With a hug and an ‘attagirl,‘ Bill’s high-viz jacket faded off down the road. There I sat on the curb looking over the map, trying to figure out just where the heck I would be going. I quickly scribbled some notes on a pad I took from the Holiday Inn Express and stuck it into the map pocket my tankbag.

Random Fact:
I am incapable of leaving the pen and pad a hotel room provides behind. I ALWAYS take them with me when I check out of a room.

Other than a string of route numbers, I had no plan. I was just going to do an homage to Forest Gump and keep riding until I didn’t feel like riding anymore.

There it was… that feeling of freedom that I relish when it comes. It’s the one where your inner self feels wide open, you feel  unfettered and it fills you completely like a swell. Hello, old friend.

Rolling Hills of Pennsylvania

As I cruised along under the cerulean sky, I was loose.  All the while smiling along to the song of the engine. I was doing my best to enjoy the riding itself and still have enough brainpower leftover to take in all that I was seeing. And damn, it felt good.

I stopped in the town of Shamokin to call Kenny and let him know that I wouldn’t be home as originally planned. I was going to stay out riding a little longer. He was happy that I was happy but he said he missed me.

In the city of Shamokin Pennsylvania

I also let  him know I was flying solo now.  It was that statement that made him deliver the magic words that gripped me by the heart, “now i’ll worry.”

I hate those words. I hate those feelings; the ones that your other half feels – and your own that are laced with guilt at making them wonder if you’re okay.

But, that is the nature of our lives together. You’ve got to let the people you love most spread their wings and put your faith in the idea that they will do everything within their power to stay safe.

And so, with a few photos snapped in town I was off and rolling again.

15 Replies to “Sometimes You Have To Go It Alone”

  1. Enjoy yourself. People will always worry when you’re riding solo, but riding without a destination by yourself, unfettered by other people’s cares, is the heart and soul of motorcycle riding.

    Rubber side down, shiny side up.

    1. Hey, John 🙂
      Fancy meetin’ you here! I thought you lived strictly in the borg that is the motochat 😀

      Hope you find yourself out there doing the same, soon~

  2. That is one of the things I still haven’t done. I generally always have a map and a plan for my route. Going without any sort of actual destination or specific road sounds like a good idea. Looks like I need to put that into my list of things to do. I admit my better half always worries when I swing my leg over a bike but knows that I have to keep doing it over and over again. I’m looking forward to the final pages of this adventure keep it going!

    1. Sometimes not having a plan can be tough, too. Depending on a person’s disposition, it can be hard to give yourself over to the process of just “floating”. I can see how it would become a stress point for some. They need a goal to work towards.

      Its this type of riding that I find a paper map most handy. You can whip it open and get a view of where you might want to wind up next. Mountains and river that way? Ok, lets go there…

    1. I did, Doug. 🙂

      There was one stretch of it that had me second guessing my road selection, but then I made a right and began to climb up up up over a mountain and I quickly changed my mind 🙂 It was very really nice in some spots.

  3. Good call! I think you may have been on a section of that route before…on the back of my BMW with Kenny at the controls….

  4. I have to do more of that, just go, alone with no destination. On my cross country trip last year, I left my brother in Redmond and traveled to MT. St. Helens and what a feeling it was, being able to stop and do whatever I felt. I applaud you for doing it 😉

  5. “but riding without a destination by yourself, unfettered by other people’s cares, is the heart and soul of motorcycle riding”

    – Word up dude.

    I have to say some of the best times I’ve had on a bike were by myself when my destination was nothing more then a letter on the compass.

    1. I’ve been pretty much just using the Camera+ app to take all of my photos lately.

      All if the pics from this trip were shot with it. It’s a great camera replacement app in the iPhone. If you get it, you won’t be disappointed.

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