The Post-Road Trip Hangover

The Post-Road Trip Hangover

When setting off on a road trip your imagination is full of best laid plans and wonder. There is an excitement that takes over your thoughts as you watch your shadow riding along with you on the road. You wonder – What will this adventure have in store for me?

While you’re in the thick of things, in the middle of living your trip – are you the type that just wants to gobble up every moment? Your eyes constantly moving, trying to absorb every detail – it’s like a high. You only have so much time to be out on the road, it would be criminal to let something go unnoticed.

Speed Triple on the road in Massachusetts

I often find that when I return home, though I am always happy to be with my family, there is a kind of lull; a coming down. I am gripped with a fidgety-ness like I just don’t know what to do with myself.

Some of my Twitter buds made suggestions of how to stave off that feeling: Plan your next ride, go for another ride and read about riding. All good ideas.

What About You?

What do you do to fight the post-road trip hangover?

3 Replies to “The Post-Road Trip Hangover”

  1. When i am riding pillion on the hubs bike i feel this way. I am exhausted when we get home and need to chill. I usually come in & have a shower & then guzzle a ton of water.

  2. I like to sit down and look through the pictures and videos and relive the adventure I just had. It helps me put the whole experience together in my mind and appreciate everything I just saw and did more.

    I also tend to do a bit more commuting on the bike than average when I get back from a trip. Or another short trip aro0und the island or upstate.

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