Late Afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Late Afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway

It’s really no wonder that the Blue Ridge Parkway was on AMA Magazine’s 15 Best Roads in America list. It is, in short, a great ride. 469 miles from top to bottom of beautiful riding.

Speed Triple and the Blue Ridge Parkway sign

After leaving Long Island at o’dark-thirty, Bill, Graham and I arrived in Staunton, Virginia in the afternoon and grabbed hotel rooms. We found a place just a handful of miles from the northern start of the Parkway.

After lunch, we hopped on at the top and motored south.

I do exist! Fuzzygalore at Blue Ridge Parkway Sign
I do exist!

Luck really must’ve been on our side. There was no traffic in front of us, no traffic behind us and we were treated to the most glorious summer weather.

Speed Triple and WeeStrom on the Blue Ridge Parkway

When riding the Parkway, there are times when the trees give way to views that are simply breathtaking. Seeing the expanse of the mountains and valley below as they roll on… just beautiful.

As I posted previously, there were moments while we were riding that seemed “perfect”. Moments that you want to drink in and savor forever.

Rock Point Overlook Blue Ride Parkway

Throughout the ride, my Speed Triple felt absolutely perfect. Don’t you love it when your bike feels that way? Like the two of you are completely connected, moving through the road in effortless unison?

This ride was the best way to end the day.

Speed triple and Weestrom on the Blue Ridge

Have you ridden the Blue Ridge Parkway? Do you think it deserves a spot on AMA’s Top 15?

22 Replies to “Late Afternoon on the Blue Ridge Parkway”

  1. The Blue Ridge Parkway is in my backyard practically. However, since I got my license and my bike, I have a new appreciation for it. So to answer your questions, YES AND YES!! Don’t forget to stop at Mabry Mill and if Floyd VA isn’t far off the parkway if you want a cool place to stop at (one of my favorite Sunday rides so far is through Floyd then hit the parkway then circle back to Dublin). There is a cafe there, Natasha Market Cafe that is simply delish!


    P.S. Love the blog, keep up the good work!!!

    1. Lucky girl!
      It must be so nice to live in a place where you dont have to invest hours into GETTING somewhere you want to ride. I envy you. I’ve forgotten what that is like.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement, Donna <3

  2. Love it Fuzzo. I love the stunning views and turn offs on the parkway. The breaks in the trees are outstanding. A nice leisurely lightly sprinted pace so that you can look around and smell the air is the way to go on the BRP. A great road to stop and take naps Keep the RR coming!

    1. Thanks, Dan 🙂

      Its so hard – you’re torn between stopping to look at the view and keeping going. I guess you know that though. Each view is as beautiful as the last <3

  3. I’ve only been on small portions of the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is certainly one road that I have on my to do list. I’ll ride it all one of these days. Great post as always Fuzzy!



  4. I loved that road it definitely deserves it’s spot on the AMA list. One day I will be back hopefully within the next year! The funny thing about riding it is that it is so much fun it makes it hard to make yourself stop at the overlooks and take pictures! I didn’t take half as much as I wanted to when I went there because it was such a blast to ride. It seems you managed to snap a few good ones though from what I have seen. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of the ride.

  5. When one is lucky enough (which is rare) to catch the road sans, RV’s, cops and generally slow moving cars paying attention to the artificially low speed limits, one can indeed have a good time.

  6. Awesome trip! looks like you guys had fun. Im looking forward to a summer’s roadtrip in the US soon.

  7. I rode it end to end on a solo vacation in May. Great weather and no other traffic. I can’t wait to follow my wife the length of that road. She’ll love it, too.

    1. Hey Keith!
      Oh, i’m sure she’ll love it, too. How could she not?

      Did you post about your trip on any of the forums you frequent? You’ll have to share a link!

  8. After taking that month to myself, I’ve been busy with other things since. I do have a hand written journal of brief daily entries and a few pics. Maybe on the next rainy day I’ll post a write up somewhere.

  9. It definitely deserves a spot on AMA’s Top 15 🙂
    I have ridden almost the entire length but can’t wait to go back again with my wife.

  10. Deserve a spot? It should be at the top! Millions of riders make the trip each year. Follow it up with a trip through The Dragon at Deals Gap, in fact, make that a nice loop ride with the Cherohala Skyway and I can’t think of any place that has better motorcycle riding. The Blue Ridge Parkway is just an introduction. There are more great motorcycle roads in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains than anywhere else – I know, it’s my job to find them!

    This summer I’m on a mission to see how some of these other roads compare. Many, I’ve already ridden. This month I’m off to California to sample more, then on to Colorado in August. I’ve been seeking, but have yet to find any place that has more great motorcycle riding.

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