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Road Tripping: World’s Largest Teapot – Chester, WV

Road Tripping: World’s Largest Teapot – Chester, WV

Tucked within the “stick” of West Virginia, that wee sliver of land between Pennsylvania and Ohio is the town of Chester. Why is this important? Well, pally – Chester is the home of the World’s Largest Teapot.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You can’t believe you didn’t know this very important fact. Frankly, I’m surprised you didn’t either. I thought everyone knew that! 😉

the worlds largest teapot chester wv

When I pulled up next to the big teapot, wouldn’t you know it? It was under construction. Can you believe it? There it sat, dusty on my To Do List for all those years and I finally make it there and it’s being renovated.

Of course Im glad that it is being taken care of but without it’s label and handle in the picture how will you ever know it’s the World’s Largest? It could very well just be a really big or larger than your average teapot. ::sigh::

Road Tripping: A Fabulous Pennsylvania Roadside Animal Menagerie

Road Tripping: A Fabulous Pennsylvania Roadside Animal Menagerie

Sometimes I will pull up a favorite in my GPS and follow it on a whim.

fuzzyglore triumph tiger on pa 136

That isn’t to say that occasionally before I arrive at whatever place I’m going to that I don’t think to myself, “what the hell are you doing?

Shortly before ending up at Tim’s Secret Treasures in Charleroi, Pennsylvania I asked myself just that. But upon arrival I quickly remembered why I’d saved the place in my favorites to begin with.

I doubt anyone would argue – this should be my designated parking space! ::swoon::

Monkey needs a hug, don’t you think?

Sweet pink pig with sassy red hooves.

Giant Chicken Army in the hoooooooouse! A two-fer, no less. Apparently in 2014, one of Tim’s roosters was a victim of thievery, rustled away in the dark of night. (It wasn’t me, I swear!)

When it came time for me to press on, Oreo pig wouldn’t even look at me.

I know, Piggie. Don’t cry. I wish you could come home with me, too.

Anyone have any experience towing a pig behind a motorcycle?


Road Tripping: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Road Tripping: Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

A few weeks ago, my friend Rosie and I took a ride to Revzilla in Philadelphia. Though I hadn’t planned on buying anything, I accidentally came away with 2 new pairs of gloves. Oopsie!

Since we were in the neighborhood, I asked Rosie if she’d mind if we made a stop off at something that’s been on my Lifelong Pursuit of Fun list for a few years now – Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. She’s an awesome sport and a curious person too, so off we went.

They’re Magic!

The incredible mosaic space is the work of a single man, Isaiah Zagar:

…trying to make a total encyclopedic vision that has no parameters and no end. My work is marked by events and is a mirror of the mind that is building and falling apart, having a logic but close to chaos, refusing to stay still for the camera, and giving one a sense of heaven and hell simultaneously.

-Isaiah Zagar

As we walked around the space, it became increasingly difficult to take it all in. There is so much going on that you cannot absorb everything.

Throughout the sprawl of glimmering tiles it felt like you were receiving secret messages. “Did i just read…”, “..does that say..”, “where was that word, I can’t find it now.” Perhaps that’s one of the most beautiful aspects of the space. You receive from it whatever it is you’re looking for.

I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens Photos


2014: Roadside Awesomeness Extravaganza

2014: Roadside Awesomeness Extravaganza

Any motorcycle ride that is punctuated by seeing something totally silly, funky or ridiculous on the road is a-okay in my book. These are some of the nifty stops I made this year:

Gnome on the Grange

fuzzygalore gnome chomsky
Chomsky – The 3rd Largest Garden Gnome
Kerhonksen, New York

Hooray for Kooks!

fuzzygalore license plate barn west virginia
License Plate Covered Barn –
Somewhere near Romney, West Virginia

I Will Gnaw Your Face Off

fuzzygalore skull-o-pus
Yeah I have no idea… Skull-o-pus?
This one is probably seasonal. It was near a flower shop around Halloween.
Somewhere near Lexington, Virginia


fuzzygalore airmail mailbox
Airmail Mailbox
Otis, Massachusetts

Fine Art… On Wheels!

fuzzygalore kenny scharf karbomz car
A Kenny Scharf Karbomz painted car!
Springs, New York

Bucket List Stop – Shell-shaped Station

fuzzygalore shell shaped gas station winston-salem nc
Shell-shaped Gas Station
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Who Wants a Hug?

fuzzygalore steel virgin mary
34ft. Steel Virgin Mary
New Castle, Delaware


Monkey Business

fuzzygalore might joe gorilla shamong nj
Mighty Joe the Gorilla
Shamong, NJ


Milk, Milk, Lemonade…

fuzzygalore cow sign
Why do they have to attempt such a realistic job on the ole milkbag? Veins? Ick.
Amelia, Virginia


Heyyyyyy, Guys!

fuzzygalore daniel boone linwood north carolina
::waves:: Hi Daniel!
Daniel Boone the Truckstop Giant.
Linwood, North Carolina


So Big, So Painty.

fuzzygalore giant paint can shippensburg pennsylvania
Giant Can o’ Paint
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania


All Skate

fuzzygalore giant rollerskate bealton virginia
Giant Rollerskate!
Bealton, Virginia


An Elephant Never Forgets

fuzzygalore mr eds elephant museum
Candy Elephant at Mr. Ed’s Elephant Museum. I’m pretty sure they rotate what elephant appears in this spot.
Orrtanna, Pennsylvania

Travel Planning: Offbeat Museums

Travel Planning: Offbeat Museums

Since turning 40, it seems like I have become highly sensitive about squeezing all the fun out of each day. There aren’t lots of things that I really want. Sure, “stuff” is nice but it doesn’t usually set my heart on fire. My daydreams are filled with colorful imaginings of traveling on my motorcycle or some deeper human connection. Maybe that’s why I am constantly stuffing my brain full of beautiful, interesting or curious destinations.

fuzzygalore offbeat museums book

A few weeks ago, I picked up a copy of “Offbeat Museums” by Saul Rubin.  You know, just ‘cuz. On an unassuming Wednesday, just like any other humdrum humpday, I discovered that there is a Toilet Seat Art Museum.

That’s right. Toilet. Seat. Art. Museum. 

I’m not really sure how I moved through my life for all these years without knowing such a place existed.

Do you stop in to small museums when you’re traveling? Have you been to the toilet seat art nirvana?

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