Day 4: NC 209 With a Little Luck

Day 4: NC 209 With a Little Luck

North Carolina 209 has been dubbed “The Rattler” by locals. Now, if the image of a wiggly snake doesn’t get your motorcycle heart pumpin’ well, I just don’t know what would.

I’d first read about NC 209 on Wayne’s websites- Smoky Mountain Rider and America Rides Maps. Before we left home on our trip, I printed a copy of his map and stuck into my “navigation baggie.”

Then when we visited Wheels Through Time, Dale also happened to recommended the route to us. How could we say no?

NC 209 America Rides Maps
image from

The road was indeed lovely, snaking its way through valleys and climbing up and down through the mountains – but my favorite moment came in the form of Luck. The town of Luck.

a little bit o luck  NC 209

While we were talking about NC 209, Dale also mentioned that there was a delightful old building with antique gas pumps out front. As someone who loves Americana, he was speaking my language. When I saw the little white ramshackle building make its appearance on a curve up ahead, I threw out the anchor and stopped for a closer look.

A little bit o luck NC 209

The sign above the door reads ‘A little bit o’ Luck.’

A little bit o luck

I can’t think of anything more fitting for the way I trip my way through this life…

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4 Replies to “Day 4: NC 209 With a Little Luck”

  1. My kind of ride too, pretty lady. That’s the second time in a week that I’ve heard about this route. I believe it has just moved it’s way a little further up my to do list.


  2. That is such a cool building, I love coming across gems like this. I’m impressed that you resisted the temptation to park the bikes in front of the pumps and pretend to be filling up, I wouldn’t have been able to.

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