Sights from the Road: Fuzzy and the Giant Cauliflower

It’s that time of year when riding a motorcycle is a little less easy going. Though it was sunny today, the temperature never made it above 40 degrees. All in all, not too bad for December in New York. But, this is when I start looking for places to ride to. When the cold sets in just about any riding will do.

This afternoon when I announced to my family that I would be heading out for a quick ride to take a picture of a giant cauliflower, I got an “Ok, Ma, cool. See you later,” and an “Ok, have fun.” Nothing phases them, I guess. I’m going to have to start making things up just to see if they’re really paying attention.

Giant Cauliflower

giant cauliflower on long island


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  1. fuzzygalore says:

    Sights from the Road: Fuzzy and the Giant Cauliflower: It’s that time of year when riding a motorcycl… #motorcycle

  1. January 1, 2010

    […] giant cauliflower is just as good a reason to go for a ride as […]

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