What Do You Do With Your Old Riding Gear?

What Do You Do With Your Old Riding Gear?

What do you do with riding gear that you just don’t use any more but is just too good to throw out?

What do you do with old motorcycle gear that is too good to throw out?

Sometimes in that never ending quest to find the right jacket, the right gloves, etc. stuff starts to pile up. Do you eBay it? Give it away?

With the snow and cold weather courtesy of the polar vortex, I’ve been using a pair of my old REV’IT pants and Kenny’s old Marsee gloves for riding my fatbike (his name is Lord Chubbleton). I figured if they’re good enough for dealing with the wind on a motorcycle they’d do well with my slow ass pedaling around, too.

Lord Chubbleton my Surly Pug Ops Fatbike

Have you ever scored any good hand-me-downs from someone cleaning out their moto-closet? Or do you repurpose your riding gear?

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  1. People differ. I’m hyper-thrifty so I wear my old gear until it falls apart. When I’m through with stuff, there’s no life left in it. It would be an insult to give or sell the stuff to anyone.

    For example, in 17 years of riding, I’ve owned two leather jackets. I wore the first (a classic cruiser-style) to its breaking point and the second (my Vanson) is still on my back after eight years. I may get a zipper fixed but I’ll wear that jacket until it peters out. I’ll probably be put in a box before it does.

  2. We have a lot of extra gear hanging around especially after we both lost weight a few years ago.

    We typically put it on the local forum as a pay it forward to see if anyone who needs some gear that can’t afford new would like it for free.

    A local shop also has a swap meet once a year and the forum will put together a group table and we’ll sell some stuff that way.

  3. I’m both a gear whore and gear hoarder, a bad combo. Perhaps I’ll open a riding gear museum one day. Old helmets are the only thing I tend to throw away or donate for fire/EMT training, although I still have 3-4 of those still hanging around. I haven’t “officially” fully re-purposed any gear, but I do sometimes also use certain lighter-weight gloves for mountain-biking, and I’ve skied in my ‘Stich gear.

  4. If you’ve got some old gear you’d like to donate you could drop it off at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. You can bet that at least a few veterans will appreciate your gesture.

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