One of My Favorite Things About the Klim Altitude Jacket

When you get a new piece of riding gear, the first moment that you put it on everything is wonderful. It’s the best jacket/pants/pair of gloves you’ve ever had. It isn’t until down the road that you find the little things about it that bug you. Or on the flip side, you find something you really appreciate about the garment. You’ve really got to put it through it’s paces in different conditions to make a fair assessment.

That is one of my biggest gripes with the way riding gear is reviewed across the web. Someone takes one ride in a jacket and gives a review. You know? Riding 20 miles in a jacket doesn’t cut it. Wear it for a week, a month, in variable conditions THEN review it.

And I get it. Reviews need to be timely to sell the current model but the process is often flawed, in my opinion.

::Taking my curmudgeon hat off::

So, on the lighter side of things – Of course I LOVE the waterproofness of the gear. But if you would’ve told me that one of the things I would appreciate most about my Klim Altitude jacket was 2 stupid clips inside the front pockets, I would’ve rolled my eyes at you. Which I’m really good, by the way.

Two stinkin’ clips.

Inside of one pocket, I clip my itty bitty point-n-shoot camera and on the other, I clip in my SPOT tracker. And then… my life is perfect.

fuzzygalore klim jacket pocket clip

As a motorcyclist, you know how it goes. Sometimes you pull over to the side of the road to snap a photo and have to go fumbling around pulling your (non-DSLR) camera out. Maybe you keep it in your tankbag or topbox so that it doesn’t get wet. *fumble*fumble*walk*walk*snap*walk*walk*fumble*fumble*

Because my life is now perfect, I get off the bike (or maybe not) pull the camera out of my pocket without fear of dropping it, because in my perfect life it’s clipped to me, and *snap*. Then I willy-nill-illy shove the camera back in my pocket. And I am freeeeeee!

Life? Perfect.



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5 Responses

  1. Kathy says:

    I, too, hate the “I just got it today and love the way it fits…” reviews. Those clips would come in handy. Good to have your tracker clipped to you in case you ever get flung off a cliff.

  2. Rosie says:

    Klim should use your pic to show the clips. Nice little feature that I havent seen mentioned in any reviews.
    I may have to visit Revzilla, I think I “need” a new jacket 🙂

  3. Dar says:

    Fuzzy, I’ve been contemplating this gear, but am not too crazy on the colour and I am a little miffed because when you look at the guys Klim gear offerings there is a whole lot of choice options. **Hello Klim if you are reading this. I liked the fit of the jacket when I tried it on , but in Canada they don’t have any stock in my size and there isn’t going to be a production run until February 2015 – so disappointing *Hello Klim again if you’re reading this. So you’ve out it through it’s paces do you like it? Is it truly waterproof? If it turns out to be a hassle to get here in BC I am probably going to look at a different brand, not sure if I can hold out until spring my jackets on it’s last legs. Would love a full review of what you think of the good and bad of the gear.

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      I’ve read a few people on the web complaining about the small run of sizes. Once they’re gone… they’re gone. That WOULD be frustrating.

      I will absolutely write up my feelings about the gear. But, long story short to answer your question – YES it is waterproof. I have had no seeping in through seams, zippers, pockets. No seeping in through the folds or the creases in your lap where water sometimes pools when you’re sitting. Nothing.

      *knocks wood*

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