Gear Up: Sittin’ Pretty with Seat Beads

Things are about to get sexy up in here.

Two words: Butt. Beads.

seat beads from bead rider

Seat Beads from

Normally using said two words together might make you chuckle nervously. Maybe even bring on a bit of a cold sweat. But, fear not. These butt beads are harmless. Unless you’re really accident prone, highly flexible or practice a lot. In which case? I probably don’t want to know about it.

The premise of seat beads is to keep some air flowing around your sittin’ muscle. This  is supposed to help to keep it cooler and extend your ride by relieving some of the discomfort that can come from a long day in the saddle.

Do they work? Who knows. I’ve read accounts of people loving, hating or being indifferent about them. The only way to know for sure is to give ’em a whirl. A million cabbies can’t be wrong, can they?

How About You – Have you Tried Seat Beads?


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9 Responses

  1. husabob says:

    I tried a beaded seat cover after fracturing my coccyx(your vestigial tailbone) falling off my trials bike. It did not help. A small inflatible donut did the trick, allowing me to sit in a kinda sidesaddle position. It sucked driving a standard, and it was well over a year before I felt normal sitting down.

  2. Shybiker says:

    My first bike was a cruiser (Vulcan 750) — pretty but uncomfortable — and I foolishly tried to tour on it. Halfway to Montana, my butt hurt so bad I went and bought these. They helped. My later bikes had better seats so I didn’t need these any more.

  3. Have used butt gel (pads) and butt hair (sheepskin cover). The gel pad was comfy but I didn’t like the jiggly, disconnected feel when cornering, and it was cold in the winter. The sheepskin works better for me on all fronts (behinds?) and tho I don’t use it daily I’ll use it for extra-long rides. Looking forward to your butt bead experience. A jillion cabbies can’t be wrong.

  4. rmachida says:

    A borrowed car had them and I found them incredibly uncomfortable. Maybe it’s better than the vinyl upholstery usually found in cabs…

  5. geeker says:

    What a coincidence! I just got back from using them on my 2011 Tiger 1050 SE, orange just like someone else on this site :0. Went all over south east Ohio, awesome curvies, and was able to ride all day. Weekend was 850 miles of roller coaster rides. Have no idea how they work but I usually get sore and uncomfortable after four hours. I went from 8 until 7:30 at night. Originally bought them for my FZ6R but sold bike before I could use them and threw on the Tiger to see if they would help. I too have heard good and bad but they did right by me! Mine came from someone in Clinton, Ohio from a gal that makes them herself. Seems like they would hurt but I always wear my somewhat padded motorcycle pants so I did not feel them and didn’t slide around either. One of those things that actually worked, unlike my motorcycle magnet red light activator.

  6. Trobairitz says:

    Good luck with those. I hope they work. I’ve seen a lot but never tried them.

    And you are brave for putting the words butt beads in your post more than once. You are so going to get spammed. I did a post a few years ago on my Black Lace Sambucus (Elderberry) plant and it gets a lot of spam from the “black lace” verbiage.

  7. Ant Knee says:

    Hey Fuzz.

    I swear by Bead Rider. I had a problem with my saddle digging into my legs which was solved with these. Can’t say enough good stuff.

  8. bob skoot says:


    I used a GEL pad which has air pockets built in which really helps in hot weather. My problem was more Throttle-istis than sore butt from having to hold the throttle all the time. You can only use those cruise aids on the freeway/interstate

    Riding the Wet Coast

  9. Daniel Aldo says:

    Sargent seat, game changer. By just sitting on them you don’t feel much difference. But somehow they fight fatigue very well.

    Invest in your butt.

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