Ziploc Upgrade – Small Watertight Box

I’m probably a little more excited than I should be about my small watertight box. (Sounds weird, I know.)

watertight plastic box

I usually carry my wallet and or phone in a Ziploc baggie and shove it in my pocket or in my tankbag when I’m on my dirtbike. A top notch waterproofing system for electronics, my bankcard and license, right?

I just happened to see this Outdoor Recreation box while I was looking for something else. With the Big Berkshire Aventure 2-day ride coming up, I thought – for less than $10 bucks, what the hell? It might be better than the baggie-method. Especially when the opportunity exists to fall over in things like:

splashing in the puddles


Splish Splash Through a Big Puddle

Product not intended to be submerged. Product is not intended for microwave or freezer use. Not for storing food or water.

I don’t know if I should worry about the fact that the label on the box says not to submerge it. Or microwave it. (Um, okay?) I’m just going to throw caution to the wind and hope for the best. Hopefully, having my wallet in the box will have the same voodoo as having all the correct tools or rain gear on the bike – I won’t need it.

You can pick up the box at Walmart (which I hate) for around $6 -or-  the cost of a box of Ziploc gallon sized bags.

Cross your fingers for me!


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6 Responses

  1. bob b says:

    Happy Mother’s Day! I prefer double bagging individual items, to give me more flexibility in where I choose to carry them. Everything stayed dry during a recent kayak race when I slipped and fell backwards into the water and everything was in my Camelbak.

  2. Gary France says:

    If you get so excited over a small plastic box, you must really be easy to buy presents for! I will stick to ziplock bags….

  3. RichardM says:

    To be truly watertight, they would have to lose the hinge and have clamps on all sides but then it wouldn’t be as convenient. And if they claimed “waterproof”, then they’d be liable if it isn’t. As far as freezing and heating, the seal may get soft or shrink and no longer seal and be liable again for claims against them. It’s easier to say “rain resistant” or something like that. But it looks like a nice box and probably waterproof enough.

  4. Good deal! I ditched the PITA rain covers for my tank bags a few years ago in favor of storing my “stuff” in small clear Pelican cases. 100% waterproof, my map cases remain visible, and I no longer have to play the rain guessing game or stop r to put covers on.

  5. GLantern says:

    How did it hold up? For $6 I think you can’t go wrong and the extra advantage of a rigid case would protect it a bit more in an off I think. I’m going to go pick one up!

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      My bag didn’t get wet enough to test its water/proof/resistant/ness, but I did shove it in my Wolfman tankbag and it kept everything including my gigantic kitty wallet neat and together. But – I really don’t know if it’s any good. Yet.

      I think it will probably help my phone from getting crushed, which is kind of important to me.

      It was $6. Less than the cost of a deli sandwich. Worth a try.

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