Hammy’s Titan Quest: 24-Hour Motorcycle Rally

Hammy’s Titan Quest: 24-Hour Motorcycle Rally

Yesterday I signed myself up to ride in Hammy’s 24-hour Titan Quest rally. Titan Quest is a flag & bonus scavenger hunt style rally. Starting from anywhere, at 6:00am on Saturday August 8 the rally finishes at 11:00am on Sunday in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

Could there be a more perfect set of bonus stops?!

…this will be a self-guided adventure (NOT A GROUP RIDE) that will include such bonus locations as Whispering Giants, Muffler Men (including Nitro Girls), and extraordinarily large objects.

-Hammy’s Experimental Rallies

Registration is open until Monday July 27, if you’re feeling like you might want to jump in!

Visiting Nitro Girl in 2013


6 Replies to “Hammy’s Titan Quest: 24-Hour Motorcycle Rally”

    1. Maybe for a couple things – but I try to pick stuff from the bonus list that I haven’t seen before. Unless it’s super awesome and I can’t resist seeing it again 🙂

      Not tempted to jump in? 😉

  1. Dang, this should be named the Fuzzy’s Faves Treasure Hunt. No doubt you have an advantage because of your, um, peculiar interests–hell, you could probably sleep-ride to most of the stops.

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