Void Rally 11: Route Planning Update

Void Rally 11: Route Planning Update

Or non-update as it were.

This is the point in the program where I am supposed to tell you that after my last post, I am now solidly in to my route and feeling confident. Or at least settled. But… not so.

I haven’t spent time looking at it since I made my tentative plan on Saturday afternoon. That probably isn’t smart. I know that what I’ve put together is too long (for me). That means that I’ll turn up at scoring tired, frazzled or possibly with errors on my paperwork, having had to drop bonuses to make it on time and losing points that I set out to get. That would be sad times. I’m the type of rally person who likes to come in early, doing what I set out to do versus making a whirling dervish of an entrance right before the closing bell and flying by the seat of my pants.

I still have to go buy a new camera to replace my replacement of my last replacement. I still have to solidify and print out my route, log my info on my “helper” index cards. These things are kind of important. I have 2 days before I leave for the start in Reading, PA.

It’s unlike me to be so blasé over the whole process. I’m either going to have a relaxed time or… a spectacular failure.

6 Replies to “Void Rally 11: Route Planning Update”

    1. I’m not sure what feels so different to me about trying to line up these bonuses. I think i’m getting off in the weeds trying to coordinate all the colors and such.

      Right now, i’m trying to line up my bail out plan – which ones i’ll be dropping if i’m pressed for time.

  1. “I still have to go buy a new camera to replace my replacement of my last replacement.” 😀

    Friend Fuzzy, do you try to hard to control a situation? Might it do you good to be a whirling dervish once in a while?… (This coming from one who controls all that he can.)

    1. That’s a good question. I think i must be controlling. I’m sometimes rigid when it comes to doing things other people want to do. I dont know if that is a symptom of often being a loner or if i’m a loner because of it.

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