Void Rally 11: RTFM, Dummy!

Void Rally 11: RTFM, Dummy!


Remember that time I posted about how I had planned my Void Rally 11 route and it was done and dusted and I was okay with it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…heh… hoooo… That was funny, wasn’t it?

Perhaps it’s because I live too close to high-tension wires and I’m being bombarded by EMFs but somehow I forgot to carefully factor in one aspect of my route planning. And so… I re-did my route a little more carefully last night. It wasn’t until after I declared my route to the gang at Rally HQ that I realized just how badly I’d bungled what I was doing. It’s embarrassing being dopey in front of others. They must have looked at my proposed route and said… “whoa, dim bulb, this one.”

Being a mathematical moron has it’s drawbacks. Hopefully my friend Excel has put me on the right track. At least now I don’t have that nagging feeling like something is amiss. Gotta listen to that little voice!

Okay, so I’m taking a ride on the Reading this afternoon. I suppose I should stop biting my nails now, it’s time to accept my fate.

Rally-ho! Rider 68, out.

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