I Think This Calls For a Ramble

This is my third point-n-shoot camera in as many months. ::sigh::

This one is clipped, locked and loaded in my jacket. I think this calls for a little ramble around on the ole motorcycle, don’t you? After work today I’m going to shove off to do a whole lotta nothin’ in Pennsylvania for a few days. Depending on the weather and my mood, I may give a leaf or two of that shamrock tour a whirl. Who knows? I’m pointing my wheels west and seeing what happens from there.

You know? Given my track record, maybe I should’ve bought the replacement plan for this camera.

the Robot Fuzzygalore

I am robot Fuzzygalore. I do her bidding. ::beep:beep:boop:boop::

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3 Responses

  1. I never buy the extended protection for digital cameras and have never needed it. I always buy the extended protection for Kim’s cameras and we always need it. She shoots more than I do in more serious weather than I do and gets better pictures than I do. So what’s a little extra expense?

    Are you going to be riding to State College to start the Shamrock Tour or is this it a self-guided tour? Either way, there are endless beautiful paths to explore if you have the time.

    Be safe and watch out for Bambi!

    • Fuzzygalore says:

      I’m hoping i just don’t need it. If i make it past 1 month on this camera I feel like my luck will have changed 😉

      I’m actually in Williamsport right now and going to head north. Something tells me I’ll probably deviate from the Shamrock route and stay north-ish but… who knows? The day is young 🙂

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