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Palm Springs Window Reflections

Having my picture taken isn’t fun. I hate the way I look. Sometimes I go through the process of taking selfies to try to work through these feelings. At this point, it seems like...

The Nufenen Pass - Amazing Motorcycle Roads on Fuzzygalore.com 3

Motorcycle Road Porn on Instagram (2019)

The motorcycle road porn that is featured on the Instagram account @instaroads is fantasy fuel. The photos there are sure to get you hot under your motorcycle jacket’s collar. While you’re scrolling through, take...

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7 Badass Motorcycle Women on Instagram (2019)

There are so many badass motorcycle women on Instagram! If you want to cut through the so-called motorcycle influencers nonsense and see some women who are making things happen? Look no further. Instagram’s Badass...


I’ve Gotta Bring My Own Sunshine

Hello, from foggy Long Island. For the past few months I’ve followed up with doctors on some nagging issues. Yesterday, my blood work pointed out that I have a serious vitamin D deficiency. I always...


Meeting Motorcycle Traveler @TheTexasHoss

This is Tracy from Texas. We met on a balmy day in July while he was on Long Island during a cross-country trip. He’s an educator, a thinker, a dreamer, a doer and above...


Instagram: My Path

This has been my path over the last two days. Not exactly sure what I’m doing today but I’m probably not going west. That’s as much of a plan as any, right?