Daydreaming: RoadRunner Magazine’s State College PA Shamrock Tour

Daydreaming: RoadRunner Magazine’s State College PA Shamrock Tour

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about taking a road trip. Because of logistics here at the homestead, it doesn’t look like Kenny and I will be taking any extended road trips together over the summer. That does make me sad but I know that he would support me in heading off on my own if the opportunity arises. Just as I would him.

RoadRunner Magazine State College PA Shamrock TourThe July/August issue of RoadRunner Magazine features a Shamrock Tour based out of the State College, PA area that looks enticing. I’ve been in the area and on a couple of the roads that the loops cover so I’m confident it would be a good time. And at only 850 miles or so for the full route, the shamrock can probably (maybe) be done over a long weekend.

State College, PA is about 300 miles from where I live. If I zipped out there after work one Thursday, took Friday off, I could cover at least 3 leaves of the shamrock and still be home on Sunday night.

In October I am doing the Void Rally 10, which will spider-start with State College as one of its cities. So if I miss a leaf and am feeling sad panda about it, I can try to pick it up then if I don’t find myself back in the area before the summer is over.

The only downside to this daydream is… that I want to go right now.

the view from hyner overlook
The view from Hyner Overlook – June 2014

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  1. Those loops are “pretty good’

    I’d swap one of them for a loop east of 15. Hit me up if you’d like some suggestions.

  2. I just saw this post — Hyner View is a great place to ride to from any direction. That part of Pennsylvania is lush with little traveled, winding roads through the Allegheny Plateau. Make sure you keep your tank full — gas is hard to find sometimes. Maybe it’s different now with all the shale gas drilling…

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