From the Front Lines of the Giant Chicken Army

From the Front Lines of the Giant Chicken Army

fuzzygalore giant chicken army

Could the giant chicken be the most popular fiberglass animal around? It seems like they’re everywhere. Unless, as Ive speculated before, it is the same one donning different disguises and following me around. That fiend!

Have you seen any of these big cluckers around in your travels? There really should be a giant chicken registry to keep track of these buggers.


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  1. Not something I’ve come across on this side of the pond. Did you come across any in the Alps? Don’t imagine they followed you there. Useless when it comes to flying as I understand it.

  2. “Holy Chicken Tikki Masala, Batman, these big cluckers are flockin’ everywhere!”

    Right now I’m not so worried about the giant chicken army as I am about all the ginormous creepy-crawlies they must be consuming.

    Unless… No, tell me it ain’t so. Tell me they’re not plucking us off one by one?!

    1. Hmm. Maybe i can train one to eat my coworkers.

      Wouldn’t that be great, putting one on a wheeled dolly and pulling it around with a leash? 😆

      Do you still get paid if you go on mental health leave?

  3. Since there are a huge amount of chicken producing businesses here in Georgia, there are at least three in or around the Atlanta metro area that I can think of off the top of my head. I don’t have any photos, however. When I next pass them, I will certainly get photos and share! 🙂

  4. There is a giant chicken in nearby King of Prussia PA at Norview Farms. Vandals used to steal it and then when it was recovered it would get sent to the auto body shop for repairs. I’m sure it has a security camera on it by now. If you throw a chain around the legs and yank it with a vehicle it comes right off the base (that’s what I heard!)

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