Yearly Archive: 2014


In Defense of the Bucket List

Just yesterday I read an article that pointed out what the author saw as a flaw in the bucket list process as it is often portrayed in contemporary culture: As popularly conceived, however, the...


Sleeping Our Way Through Lake Maggiore

It can be very tempting to think that when you fly somewhere far away on an overnight flight that the sheer excitement will keep you going. Jet lag? Ha! I spit in your face!...


Once More Unto the Weekend, Dear Friends

As I sat sifting through photos for a trip post this morning, I realized I’m going into way too serious mode. Things fall apart when that happens. So instead of a flowery, self-aggrandizing post...


Travel Lessons Learned: Just Stop and Take the Picture

You won’t regret stopping to take the picture but you will regret NOT stopping.

It’s a battle for many riders. You see something beautiful, something weird, something interesting and you saaaaaaaail right on by thinking, “I should take a picture of that.”

Well? Just do it. Stop. It’ll only take a minute. Later on when you can relive those memories in full color, you’ll be glad you did.


Postcards from the Edge: The Snail Mail Challenge

It came as no surprise that my girl and kindred spirit, Kathy from loves postcards. They often have the most perfect photographs of wherever you’re visiting. Late last week Kathy issued a challenge on her blog: The...


They’ve Got Me Surrounded!

The Tiger took a trip to cruiser-town. The weekend is right around the corner. It’s your chance to make something great happen. Don’t waste it! Ride safe, ride far, ride happy~


Riding the Royal Enfield Really Pays Off

This morning I discovered an interesting fact. Insurance coverage on the Enfield costs us $19 per year. Nineteen dollars. Go through your pants pockets, I bet you’ll found at least that much crumpled up in...


Riding Through the Funk

Some days I can wake up and feel like anything is possible. The world is just waiting for me to take a hold of it. Others? I can wake up and feel like a complete...


Upcoming Road Trip Administrativa

This weekend, I did not ride my motorcycle at all. But I did run some upcoming trip related errands. Kenny and I made our way over to the AAA office and picked up our International Driving Permits....