Throwback Thursday: Be Still My Heart, It’s a Burgermobile

Yeah, there’s a giant hamburgermobile filling up on pump one. No big whoop.

fuzzygalore hamburger car

Are you kidding me? My head almost exploded with the total greatness of serendipitously running into the hamburgermobile a few years back. Even my generally nonchalant honeybun, Kenny was impressed.

There are a few more pics of burgermobile greatness on the original post, in case you missed it.

Also – I can’t believe I used to ride that behemoth GS. Can’t say I miss it!


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3 Responses

  1. Shybiker says:

    Whimsy makes life bearable. And this is a fine example.

  2. Raindog says:

    I must admit, Fuzzy, I’m a bit disillusioned by this. I’d presumed that such whimsical runabouts (thank you, Shybiker) were fueled by special sauce or high octane mustard or catchup (you know, for those who weren’t born leaders)… But not gasoline. Not plain old dinosaur juice. Please, please, tell me it ain’t so. :'(

  3. bob says:


    I love hamburgers. I would probably go nuts if I ever saw a hamburger taller than me. I don’t know what I’d do if I saw one on the road

    bob: riding the wet coast

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