Riding the Royal Enfield Really Pays Off

Riding the Royal Enfield Really Pays Off

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This morning I discovered an interesting fact. Insurance coverage on the Enfield costs us $19 per year. Nineteen dollars. Go through your pants pockets, I bet you’ll found at least that much crumpled up in there.

Having a low dollar bike that no one else seems to want works in our favor. It’s almost like free insurance. 😀

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  1. I sooo envy you that mighty tasty rate.

    I shopped around last fall, and things were sounding great until… The insurer discovered the several speeding tickets on my record. It seems that I’ll have to behave myself for a few more years (darn it).

    1. And the upside is on the Enfield you could never go fast enough to get a speeding ticket, keeping the license clean. ::knocks wood::

      …chicken or the egg?

      1. Chicken…

        I was a lead foot rooster long before those awesome eggs rolled into my life.

        By the way:
        Last month, my dad (who scootered a bit as a kid, but hasn’t ridden motorcycles otherwise) turned to me and said, “You know, I ought to get me a cool WWII motorcycle for kicking around town.”
        “Only if you want to spend all of your time adjusting, repairing, and seeking parts,” I replied. “Now this is what you should consider,” pulling up pics of the Royal E Classic Battle Green, “newer technology and a classic look.”
        His eyes widened with awe.
        I wouldn’t be surprised if picks one up by next season at the latest.

  2. Fuzz:

    You’re making me cry. No discounts here due to Government insurance. Your 500cc Enfield would cost about $50. per month ($600. per year) for basic, then anothe $350. for comprehensive and specified perils.

    Insurance here is by engine size. My R1200 is about $1,900 per year, and my vstrom about $1,200

    bob: riding the wet coast

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